Playa del Carmen
For Sale
$ 77,000 USD
Area m2: 40


Unique business concept in Playa del Carmen; It is part of the first large labor ecosystem in the city. A new work culture designed for greater efficiency, profitability and projection.

Humana is part of a new urban center planned to concentrate services and equipment. In the last 25 years the population of Playa has grown 320%, mostly people between 20 and 40 years representing the workforce, according to the studies the demand for offices in the area is increasing and there is no equal concept in the city.

Prices from:

77,000 Usd

1,940 Usd per m2


40.0 sq meter

1 floor Comercial local


– Lobby with reception and security

– Metting room

– Dinning area

– 2 Elevatores

– Bath in each level

– Terrace

– Lounge Area

– Comercial Area ground floor